Welcome to the Pennsylvania School of Herbalism!  The mission of the Pennsylvania School of Herbalism is to bring knowledge of holistic herbalism and healing plants to our regional community in an accessible and reverent way.  We are committed to working within a holistic framework that emphasizes the mind-body-spirit connections of health and healing. 

We are deeply committed to honoring our beautiful, local landscape and working with plants in a reciprocal way, which includes sustainable harvesting, wild tending, and reverent growing practices. We are also very committed to creating herbalism that is accessible for all through financial accessibility with sliding-scale payment options; offering education in multiple formats; support for diverse people and learning styles, and an emphasis on tactile, hands-on, and experiential learning. Our goal is to root our herbalism in our local ecosystem, with an emphasis both on local abundant plants and mushrooms and protecting at-risk species.  

Please check out our 2024 Class Calendar, the Hawthorn Botanical Gathering, and more about our school!



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